Community Resources

South Country Community Resource Network

The South Country Community Resource Network is a network of community organizations within the District, joined together to assist the community and its residents.


Mission Statement

Through a community based intervention approach, help the community and its residents reach their highest potential by assisting families in crises, implementing prevention and intervention strategies for at-risk individuals and recidivists, developing  its youth, and addressing underlying issues to promote a stronger and safer community.



COMPASS is a coalition serving the communities that comprise the South Country School District; ԹϺ, Brookhaven, East Patchogue, Medford and Yaphank. Its primary goal is the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse through education and community activities. Click here to visit the COMPASS Unity page.



Parent University Gang Awareness Presentation

Listed below is information presented at the Parent University Gang Awareness Presentation of May 25,  2017.

How to Talk to Kids About Gangs

(Click here for Spanish version)

Parents' Guide to Gangs

(Click here for Spanish version)

Street Survival in this Age of Gangs

(Click here for Spanish version)

In keeping with the goals of the South Country Community Leadership Network, the ԹϺ Hagerman East Patchogue Alliance has started a Facebook page where notifications regarding job openings, recruitment events, and information regarding the other services offered at the Alliance will be posted. 

Please visit our Community Virtual Backpack page and Community Calendar to view ongoing community events and programs.


Leadership Network Members

  • Board of Education
  • Brookhaven Youth Court Coordinator
  • Central ԹϺ Civic Association, Inc.
  • Church of the Nazarene
  • COMPASS Unity
  • ES BOCES Continuing Education
  • First Pentecostal Church
  • Greater ԹϺ Coalition
  • Journey of Faith
  • Lighthouse Mission
  • Lutheran Church of Our Savior
  • Madres Y Padres of South Country
  • Mirimar Property Owners Association
  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  • Outreach Project
  • P.T.A. Council
  • ԹϺ
  • South Country Ambulance
  • South Country Community Conference
  • South Country Community Land Trust
  • Suffolk County Boy Scouts
  • Veterans of Foreign War