Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability


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Ms. Beth Doyle
Assistant Superintendent for
Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability

Phone: 631-730-1540
FAX: 631-286-4436


Welcome to the virtual home of the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability for the ԹϺ.  Our office is  considered the “heart and soul” of the school district as our work with faculty and administration strives to provide students the most rigorous and enriching educational experiences available.

The District is committed to implementing a comprehensive process of curriculum review and assessment to foster continuous improvement of student performance, as measured by the highest local, regional, national and international standards of excellence. To accomplish this task, we must continuously explore and develop our curriculum to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the Common Core Standards.  Student performance toward these standards is measured by classroom assessments,   New York State assessments in grades 3rd through 8th, as well as by Regents and RCT examinations.  Notably, our district also offers a significant number of AP courses for students to take, preparing them for successful entry into their college-bound years.

We celebrate the action research, collaboration and implementation of the finest teaching and learning practices designed to meet the diverse learning needs of our student body. Through a dynamic curriculum renewal process paired with the use of state-of-art technologies, we strive to prepare our students to be lifelong learners in a technologically-advanced world.   

In addition to being responsible for the comprehensive Pre-K through 12th grade instructional program, the Office also coordinates professional development that provides continuous education and instructional support to the District's professional staff, which includes the following:

  • Articulation of the elementary, middle, and high school programs.
  • Coordination of all program improvement projects.
  • Administration and analysis of national, state, and district   assessments.     
  • Management of state and federal grants.
  • Coordination of professional development activities including conference attendance and consultants.

We have a terrific school district, and I hope you get a taste of our traditions by exploring our district site, as well as by taking a peek at our schools' pages. However, spending time with our students and staff is by far the best way to personally experience our school district. I invite you to have a one-on-one conversation with a member of our educational team to develop a deeper understanding of our educational community.

It is an honor and privilege to be able to serve our South Country students and community. Thank you for your ongoing support of our schools.

For more information about the SCCSD educational programs, please call the individual school to discuss the curriculum or feel free to call (631) 730-1540.